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Ask Foghorn: Zero Distance for 300 AAC Blackout? | The Truth ...

Feb 8, 2013 . I am big fan of the 50/200 zero in .223/5.56 and I am hoping there is . The good news is that the old 50 yard zero works pretty well for 300 BLK .

50-yard zero 5.56

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50 yard zero rear sight settings for 5.56 and 7.62x39 AK's -

I plan on zeroing my AK's at 50 yards and would like to know which mark to set the rear sight at while doing so. I'm not sure if it matters, but I will .

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Zero Distance for a Home-Defense AR-15 | Shooting Illustrated

Apr 10, 2012 . I am a big fan of the 200-yard zero, and it is very close to a 50-yard zero. . out to the maximum effective range of the 5.56 NATO cartridge.

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Military Arms Channel • View topic - .223 trajectory - Military ...

Apr 9, 2013 . From what I have learned it seems that the .223/5.56 has a very . With my 20 inch AR I zero at 50 yards I can easily hit a 8 inch steel plate at .

Some Thoughts On Zeroing The AR - FR. FROG'S Home Page

The current US Military doctrine is to zero at 250 meters (273 yards) which equates to a 25 . like other zeroing techniques such as a 25 yard or 50 yard point of impact. . While many claim that the 5.56 isn't effective past about 275 - 300 yards, .

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Scope Zero - 8541 Tactical

Oct 6, 2011 . With 5.56mm carbines I prefer to zero at 50 yards. Due to the geometry of the AR platform a 50 yard zero will also give me a 200 yard zero.

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Handiest zero to use for the M14/M1A? - M14 Forum

Notice that from 25 yards to 225 yards the round is relatively flat shooting. Thus, the 50 yard zero MAXIMIZES the 5.56mm's flat trajectory and .

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Ballistickers - Michiguns Ltd. - AR-15 Tools and Accessories

5.56 Reamer, ILM . Point of impact is given at 25, 50, 100, and every 50 yards beyond that to 500 yards, . Two "zero" distances are offered: With 100 yard zero:

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I feel really dumb: a question about .223/5.56 ballistics : gunnitxt

Aug 2, 2012 . When it is said that a 50 yard zero repeats at 200 yards is that the case for any standard pressure load of any weight of bullet? OR. Is L-3 just .

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5.56 NATO for sniping - Sniper Central

On the military side, the small FMJ bullets of the 223/5.56 have had their share of . ammo, which has decent 1000 yard ballistics, but they are still not as good as the other . 50y. 46m. 100y. 91m. 200y. 183m. 300y. 275m. -0.3. Zero. -2.7. -10.8  .

The Best 5.56 Load: The Black Hills MK 262 Mod 1 - Shooting Times

Mar 21, 2012 . And that is the case with some of the best 5.56x45mm NATO ammo ever to come in a . For the idly curious, with a 100-yard zero, MK 262 Mod 1 requires 37.25 . Sold in 50-count boxes for around $1 per round, with a rather .

Sniper Flash Cards: Frequently Asked Questions

A 50mm objective is clearer but it causes the scope to sit too high on the rifle for . Set your elevation dial to read "zero" and then re-zero your rifle for 600 yards. If your . In reality, 5.56 NATO ammunition has less energy at 1000 meters than a  .

MATCH AMMO - Atlanta Arms and Ammo

Our accuracy test requirement is 5 ten-shot groups at 50 yards with an . Using a Zero bullet and Starline brass, this is designed to make minor power factor. . 5.56MM. IN22377. IN22377-1058. 5.56MM 77GR HPBT AMU Using a Sierra .

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Sighting in the AR-15 / M-16 - Gun and Game - Firearms Forums

Larry Vickers advocates a 100 yard zero since a 5.56 will have a max . inches at 300 yards, versus -5.9 inches at 300 using the 50 yard zero.

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